Welcome to GuidarePilotare Learning assessment questionnaire.

The questionnaire consists of 14 multiple choice questions. The correct answers must be at least equal to 11. Only one is the completely correct or preferable answer.

1) How does the ABS work?

2) The function of adaptive cruise control is ....

3) Does the ESP always keep the vehicle stable at all times?

4) In avoiding a sudden obstacle, can braking and steering at the same time cause loss of stability?

5) What is the most important parameter when calculating the safety distance from those in front of us?

6) Does the possibility of avoiding aquaplaning depend on the depth of the tread (as well as on the reduction in speed)?

7) Insufficient tire pressure of 0.5 bar decreases vehicle stability.

8) Driving in the city is fraught with dangers due to heavy traffic and the proximity of other vehicles: what is your main concern to prevent any risks?

9) Can the stopping distance even quadruple between 60 km/h and 120 km/h?

10) In the city, proceeding at a speed of 40 km/h, how many meters do you travel if you take your eyes off the road for 2 seconds?

11) A collision with a tree at 50 km/h is equivalent to throwing the car off which floor of a building?

12) In a straight-line emergency braking to avoid a rear-end collision, how do I adjust the pressure on the brake pedal (obviously I have ABS)?

13) What is the first thing to do when arriving at the scene of an accident?

14) In the event of a traffic accident, must the call to 118 be made as quickly as possible?