The most advanced technologies help learning. We have been videotaping every moment of our courses since 1989 and have thus built a unique film archive of its kind.

Thanks to VideoTelemetry® the student records in HD on his personal SD Card every moment of driving. He can also watch it with the instructor in slow motion: because in a few seconds the outcome of an emergency maneuver is decided and only the careful vision of one’s behavior allows him to overcome the instinct and get to have full control of the driving maneuvers.

Together with the Telemetry images, the student can also check acceleration, braking intensity, longitudinal and transversal G forces, instantaneous speed, engaged gear and engine revs.

Driving is an activity run by vision: distance, speed, vision points in the curve, other vehicles on the road : the Eye Tracking system allows us to verify the use of the eyes and vision, on which the instructor must often to intervene.

Eye tracking is essential for defensive driving because it provides a trace of how the eyes move in traffic and checks if the driver identifies potential hazards.

With the QR Code technology the student, during the course, can view the exercise with images from the drone or review a briefing by Siegfried Stohr.