Safety is balanced at the wheel, a mental balance that gives top priority to the real traffic situations than the inner needs, often dominated by the rush to arrive. The student must have experiences that make him more aware of the dangers, expand the capacities of his senses and evolve his intellectual, sensory and emotional control abilities.

This also serves to change those beliefs that consider driving “easy”. In fact, if we are to learn to react to the unexpected, we must above all learn to prevent it.

This goal is achieved only through a practical experience that allows to assess the dangers at all speeds and in different conditions of adherence to increase the awareness that driving is always a complex activity that requires our full attention. In fact, we drive each vehicle with our senses, with our thinking and, in an emergency, even with our emotional reactions. These emotions can become an element of danger to driving, especially in situations where one reacts on the basis of instinct. Then the best way to control our emotions will be to offer them the opportunity to manifest themselves to learn about our reactions under stress. This is the final objective of our courses where you will have to deal with difficult driving situations but also with your reactions behind the wheel. Safe driving, preventive, defensive and predictive driving are all concepts that are integrated into every training program.

“Because it is the mind the true engine of every vehicle”.

You will learn more about your vehicle and the correct driving techniques, but you will first learn to expand the potential of your mind at every stage of driving. This is the only way to concretely promote safety, a safety that is developed in our courses through a real experience of speed and road danger situations.