Our instructors have a complete view of road safety, working for cars, motorcycles, industrial and commercial vehicles. GuidarePilotare avails itself of the collaboration of over 40 professional instructors with specific technical experience on all vehicles.

The communicative approach is the cornerstone of the whole experience. Making the driver comfortable is the prerequisite for effective communication in achieving changes in driving behavior.

Instructors refine their psychological skills through the permanent supervision of a staff of psychologists, so as to create a communicative listening relationship with the student, the tendency to ask questions rather than give instructions, the ability to comment on driving maneuvers with clarity.

This is the best guarantee that the dialogue with the vehicle will continue even after the course.

Many of them boast an important curriculum also at a competitive level, up to Formula 1.


Our theory is enriched thanks to 30 years of video recordings during the courses. Physics and dynamics of each vehicle explained clearly.


For each exercise an explanatory review is carried out with a demo of the instructors. It is possible to view the exercise with images from the drone thanks to the QR Code app developed by us.


The instructor accompanies the pupil during each exercise in the car. Communication is immediate and security is also increased.


After each exercise the instructors share the pupil’s results in the previous exercise on our IPad in order to welcome the client with adequate information about his driving skills.


After each exercise, the pupil can view the Full HD videos recorded on the car and review them together with the instructor.


At the end of each road safety course a learning test is performed with a collective test in classroom.