Know your bike, have full control of it both during the march and in emergency situations: discover the most correct driving techniques, the best riding position for each situation and analyze the safest trajectories.

A training that reproduces on a special safe driving track, in safe conditions, sudden dangers, brakings, obstacles.

Furthermore, various road routes are set up on the Handling track, mixed and fast, with a constant width of 10 meters, where the safest trajectories are tested and the ideal driving technique is used to tackle all types of bends.

  • DOPPIA SPIRALE. Il bilanciamento dei pesi in curva, la posizione in sella, lo spostamento del corpo e l’inclinazione della moto, il baricentro. Si svolge in due diversi steering pad.
  • FRENATA CON EVITAMENTO OSTACOLO. L’arresto della moto in una tipica situazione di emergenza stradale, lo sfruttamento di vie di fuga, la tecnica per l’evitamento dell’ostacolo improvviso.
  • FRENATA IN CURVA. La gestione della frenata in caso di valutazione errata della curva o di ostacolo improvviso durante la percorrenza di curva.
  • SETTORE DI PISTA LENTO. Posizione di guida dinamica, tecnica di frenata e scalata. Uso e rilascio della frizione. Il controllo della moto e la tecnica di guida in curva nei percorsi tortuosi.
  • SETTORE DI PISTA MANEGGEVOLEZZA. Le tecniche per inserire la moto nel misto stretto e per ottenere maneggevolezza nei cambi di direzione.
  • SERIE DI GIRI DI PISTA HANDLING. Serie finale sul percorso completo, per la verifica dell’apprendimento.
  • TEORIA. Teoria interattiva e multimediale con ipertesto. Anche durante il corso le prove sono intervallate da brevi lezioni per una miglior comprensione delle dinamiche e tecniche di guida.
Track - Handling MISANO
  • Location:  Misano World Circuit (RN). “Safe Driving, Handling and Supermotard track” with a 1 km Handling track for 10 meters approx.

  • DURATION: 1 day. 10.00 – 12.30 theory, 12.30 – 13.30 lunch, 13.30 – 17.30 Handling track, 17.30 – 18.30 debriefing and greeting.

  • Group: 25 pupils. 5 pupils for each instructor.

  • Motorbike: each pupil uses his own bike.

  • Instructors: 5 professional instructors.

  • For each pupil: accident insurance as per the regulation, pass and personalized diploma

  • Clothing required: helmet, gloves, motorcycle clothing protectors (knee and elbow pads), motorcycle footwear. It is also recommended: rain jacket.


Q: Can I take the course with my bike?
A: Of course! The course was designed specifically to put all motorcyclists at ease, riding the motorcycle they will use daily.

Q: Is it a course for beginners or for experts?
A: The course is designed for all students who want to refine their driving techniques but also for those who are at the first experiences and would like to feel more confident.

Q: Should I bring my motorcycle clothing?
A: Each student will have to bring their own motorcycle clothing, we recommend: helmet, gloves, motorcycle clothing with knee pads and elbow pads (touring clothing), motorcycle shoes. It is also recommended: rainjacket

Q: Is it a road driving course?
A:The Motorbike Safe Driving course takes place in the Safe and Handling Driving Center, an area  inside the Misano Adriatico (RN) racetrack. There is no road test.

Q: By attending the course, am I covered by an insurance?
A: For each participant we include an accident insurance but there are no Kasko insurance for motorcycles. All specific details can be found in the “Sales terms” section or by contacting the sales office.