Control and driving of a sports car require skill and experience.

You need to know power and have tried to manage over 400 horses even on wet roads and without the help of traction control systems.

This course puts you at the wheel of the most prestigious BMW M, develops driving sensitivity, sense of limit and car control even in the most difficult conditions.

Power control exercises with rear-wheel drive cars and a series of final laps on the Handling circuit to develop a sensitivity at the wheel by professionals.

All our courses can be attended by people with physical disabilities thanks to the SpecialMente program
  • THEORY interactive and mutimedial with “Experience Archive” full of our highly exciting video recordings.
  • WET HAIRPIN BEND. The control of the power oversteer with 340 horsepower and without the help of traction control systems, on wet surface. Exercise that develops sensitivity and quickness of reflexes in steering and acceleration maneuvers and in the control of power oversteer itself.
  • “M” BEND. Power handling on wet asphalt at the wheel of a prestigious BMW M with over 400 horsepower: cornering, power-oversteer, counter steering, throttling and realignment. SKID CAR. Along with this exercise, the oversteer from Skid Car is also carried out: it teaches the right counter steering technique and allows to understand how much the use of the gas helps to get out of the skid.
  • UNDERSTEER. In a steering pad of 80 meters in diameter, irrigated and with slippery asphalt, you will test all the possible losses of adherence of the front: understeer in the insertion of a curve, understeer in transit and understeer under acceleration.
  • HANDLING CIRCUIT. First series of laps on the Handling circuit of approx. 1 Km with setting of the techniques and trajectories.
  • HANDLING CIRCUIT. Final series of laps on the Handling circuit of approx. 1 Km with car control in oversteer on wet bends. Final verification of the work carried out and summary of the guide.
Tracciato - Handling MISANO
  • Location: Misano World Circuit (RN). Safe Driving and Handling Center during the afternoon.

  • Duration: 1 day. Theory from 10.00 to 12.30 . Practice from 13.30 to 18.00.

  • Group: 24 pupils.

  • Cars: 10 BMW cars including M2, M4, M240i all equipped with Full HD VideoTelemetry with data acquisition from GPS and OBD and recording on the pupil’s SD Card.

  • Instructors: 8 professional instructors always alongside the pupil.

  • For each pupil: SD Card, pass and personalized diploma.


Q: I am a MINI / BMW owner, am I entitled to discounts?
A: Of course, contact the sales office to get all the information about it.

Q: I am a new driver, am I entitled to discounts?
A: Of course, contact the sales office to get all the information about it.

Q: I am a holder of a “special” driving license, can I still take part in the courses?
A: Of course! Thanks to the SpecialMente program, even people with motor disabilities can take part in our courses aboard one of our BMW cars prepared by Guidosimplex. Contact the sales department and ask for all the details.

Q: May a bring a companion?
A: We offer a particular program that allows companions to follow the pupils on all the work islands, in addition to the possibility of carrying out a courtesy test.

Q: Can I choose which car to take the course with?
A: Except for some specific courses, we combine suitable cars according to the course teaching. Some programs also include the use of BMW M cars.

Q: Can I use my car to take part in the course?
A: Our vehicles are subjected to regular checks before and after each event, to ensure maximum safety at all times, for this reason it will not be possible to use your car during the courses.

Q: Is it possible to gift a course to another person?
A: It is possible to purchase a nominative gift voucher with an open date to be gifted to the guest. He will then decide the date, among those in the calendar, in which to participate. Discounts are also available for all gifts, contact the sales office for details.

Q: In case of damage to vehicles during the course, will I have to pay anything?
A: All our vehicles are covered by Kasko insurance and accident insurance, excluding racing cars for which a insurance deductible is applied.

Q: I enrolled in a course, what clothing should I bring?
A: We recommend wearing a windbreaker even in good weather. We also recommend wearing low-heeled shoes, which are comfortable for driving.