Driving is a highly technical activity whose main challenge is always relative to speed, both for the difficulties brought by the high-speed, and for the level of emotional stress.

This course takes place on the fastest track and allows you to work on your ability to correctly assess speed, adapting the techniques of driving difficulties of fast corners such as Ascari, Lesmo, Parabolic. A major difficulty also consists in evaluating the points of detachment given the high speed of arrival (over 250 Km / h on the main straight).

Those are braking that unbalance the structure of the car and require great technical skill in the subsequent insertion in the curve. In addition, the three chicane with their sudden changes of direction, allow you to perfect the driving in the double transients and get high speed out of corners. Driving in Monza is entering the temple of speed.


Inoltre le tre chicane coi loro repentini cambi di direzione, permettono di perfezionare la guida nei doppi transitori e ottenere elevate velocità in uscita di curva.

Guidare a Monza è entrare nel tempio della velocità.

  • THEORY. Interactive and multimedial, specific for the Monza racetrack.
  • INTERNATIONAL RACETRACK. 1st series of laps: driving diagnosis. 2 laps. The level of driving is checked with reference to the techniques: it is also a “warm up” for the student.
  • INSTRUCTOR LAP. 1 lap.
  • INTERNATIONAL RACETRACK. 2nd series of laps: 3 laps. First demanding series, we take the first references on the trajectories, in particular on the brakes, which are very critical. The difficulties of the track are memorized.
  • INTERNATIONAL RACETRACK. 3rd series of laps: 4 laps. Memorized the track increase the speed: it’s the beauty of Monza.
  • INTERNATIONAL RACETRACK. 4th series of laps: 5 laps. The most demanding curves, such as the “Lesmo”, Ascari and Parabolica are also perfected: when exiting faster, the speeds reached on the following straight line are compared.
  • INTERNATIONAL RACETRACK. 5th series of laps: 5 laps. If the techniques are right, now the brakes are stretched too and the “right” ride is sought.
  • N.B. 20 track laps on the international racetrack.

*50% of the laps will be performed on BMW M series vehicles.

Corsi di Guida Sicura Misano
  • Location: Monza Eni Circuit (MB) 5.8 km International Racetrack.

  • Duration:  1 day.  From 9.00 to 13.00 – Afternoon from 14.00 to 18.00.

  • Group: 24 pupils: instructor-pupils ratio 1 to 3.

  • Cars: 8 BMW cars including M or equivalent, equipped with Full HD VideoTelemetry with data acquisition from GPS and OBD and recording on the pupil’s SD card.

  • Instructors: 8 professional instructors always alonside the pupil.

  • For each pupil: SD Card, pass e personalized diploma.