Drifting is the driving technique that, above all, enhances the relationship between pilot and the vehicle: requires sensitivity, responsiveness, control of power and dynamics of the medium in continuous oversteer.

For those who have already competed on the Flat Track Arena in Misano, they now have a chance to perform a whole day of track laps for putting up with all the difficult technical perfection of “drift”.

The new Flat Track Arena with its special dirt road is ideal to run across every meter of the track in a continuous “drift”.

There are also fewer difficulties tied to the excessive adherence of asphalt and the “drifting” becomes elegant, harmonious, pleasant and exciting even with cars with high power.

You can choose to take the course with a fully prepared Drifting car!

* Course reserved for those who have participated in the Drifting Flat Track.

All our courses can be attended by people with physical disabilities thanks to the SpecialMente program
  • THEORY. Interactive and multimedia with the analysis of our movies database.
  • WARM UP DRIFT. Warm up rounds during which you build your “Drift diagnosis”, you experience technical specifications mastered, you define the educational targets of the morning.
  • “S” DRIFT TRACK. Track laps with the aim of achieving harmonious pendulums in “s” curves.
  • EXTENDED DRIFT TRACK. Series of laps with the goal of performing a drift while getting into the bend, and then extend it until the exit of the curve and out at the points where the track curves have wide radius.
  • WARM UP DRIFT TRACK. Number of laps traveled clockwise using the “drift Variants” pendulum technique and the corners with extended drift.
  • FAST DRIFT TRACK. Number of laps without the “Variants drift “, traveled counterclockwise.
  • FAST DRIFT TRACK. Final series of laps, travelled clockwise, without the “drift” Variants with increased lap speeds and techniques of “drift” in the wider and faster turns.
Tracciato - Arena Flat Track MISANO
  • Location:  Misano World Circuit (RN). Flat Track Arena

  • Duration: 1 day. Practice time 09.30 – 13.00 ; 14.00 – 18.00.

  • Group: 16 pupils.

  • Cars: 7 BMW Cars choice between M2 and M240i + 1 BMW 325i Racing car Technical specifications. All cars are equipped with Full HD Videotelemetry with data acquisition from GPS and OBD directly on the pupil’s SD CARD.

  • Instructors: 9 professional instructors always alongside the pupil.

  • For each pupil: SD Card, pass e personalized diploma.