Full mastery of a sport car requires awareness, skill and self-control.
This course develops, in addition to the basics for safe driving, driving sensitivity, sense of limit and car control at high speeds.

Exercises with speed over 120 km/h and many laps’ series develop in the pupil a driving sensibility worth of a professional pilot.

A training that reproduces sudden dangers, braking, obstacles, wet curves and slippery asphalts. In addition, the learners will face various types of road curves on the track, allowing them to train themselves to correctly evaluate the approach speed of the curve, the intensity of the braking and the trajectories and the safest techniques in slow corners and fast corners.

All our courses can be attended by people with physical disabilities thanks to the SpecialMente program
  • BRAKE IN A BEND. Emergency braking during a 120 km / h curve with subsequent obstacle avoidance. Even in the presence of ABS, it is necessary to modulate the braking to avoid dangerous loss of adherence of the rear axle, despite the presence of CBC.
  • AQUAPLANING. The passage on a puddle in a curve can put the stability of the car in crisis: this exercise allows us to reproduce one of the greatest traps of rain, the Aquaplaning.
  • “M” WET HAIRPIN BEND. The control of the power oversteer on wet asphalt with all the power of our BMW M and all the electronic devices switched off. An exercise that develops sensitivity and promptness of reflexes in steering and acceleration maneuvers.
  • TIMED SLALOM. Path with photocells with slalom round trip.
  • HANDLING TRACK SECTOR WITH BMW “M”. A fun and instructive double Handling track series with BMW M forces you to work on a series of close curves with a demanding guide that leaves no time to catch your breath. Very didactic exercise for sequences of downshifting and curve approach, it is preparatory to the afternoon series on the international track where there will be more speed but also more time to think about driving maneuvers.


  • DRIVING DIAGNOSIS. 3 laps to take stock of progress and state of the art compared to the previous day.
  • 1 INSTRUCTOR LAP will be shown the correct technique and line thru the corner.
  • 2nd SERIES OF TRACK LAPS*. 4 laps setting a crescendo of speed and working on the errors that emerge.
  • OVERTAKING TRIAL. Two double transients simulate the difficult return from overtaking at 120 km / hr; develops control of the trajectory and sensitivity on the steering.
  • 3rd SERIES OF TRACK LAPS *. 5 laps: improving the techniques and the trajectories will increases speeds as well, reduces decision-making times and increases the stress to which you are subjected. Maintain concentration and evaluation skills.
  • HIGH SPEED SLALOM. Sequence of double transients at over 100 Km / h.
  • 4th SERIES OF TRACK LAPS *. 4 final laps and summary of the work done.
  • REVERSE LAP. 1 final lap tour to verify the learning of trajectory concepts.

*   At least three series of laps will be performed with BMW “M”.

N.B. 18 track laps on the international racetrack.

Corsi di Guida Sicura Misano
  • Location:  Misano World Circuit (RN). 4,2 KM International Racetrack ( 4 hrs), Safe Driving and Handling Center (4 hrs).

  • Duration: 1 day. Morning 08.15 – 13.00  Afternoon 14.00 – 18.00.

  • Group: 24 pupils.

  • Cars: 12 BMW cars including M or equivalent, all equipped with Full HD VideoTelemetry with data acquisition from GPS and OBD and recording on the pupil’s SD card.

  • Instructors: 12 professional instructors always alongside the pupil: instructor-pupils ratio 1-2.

  • For each pupil: SD Card, pass e personalized diploma.