Driving on a circuit is a fantastic experience and pure fun, combine it with the chance to record your personal performances, thanks to telemetry video technology, and the emotion reaches its peak.

Due to the instructor placed side by side to the learner, this experience becomes a unique occasion to combine emotion and learning.

You will discover the most effective techniques to maintain control of the vehicle even at full speed, driver’s secrets to face corners safely and the car’s limits.

All our courses can be attended by people with physical disabilities thanks to the SpecialMente program
  • Theory: interactive and mutimedial with “Experience Archive” full of our highly exciting video recordings.
  • FIRST SET OF TRACK LAPS AND DRIVING DIAGNOSTICS: the first contact with the circuit is breath-taking and offers the opportunity to make a complete diagnosis of the driving approach of the learner. Steering techniques, driving techniques (brake, throttle and gear shift), corner lines and the approach to maximum speed are assessed both from a technical and emotional point of view. 3 laps on the International Circuit (4.2 km).
  • SECOND SET OF TRACK LAPS: Second series by switching cars: what has been learned in the first set of laps is applied and the techniques are adapted to the new car. New speeds are reached in a short time. 3 laps on the International circuit (4.2 km).
  • THIRD SET OF TRACK LAPS: The circuit has no more secrets and the pupil has the chance to reach the highest speeds while looking for corner limits and the best braking timing. Final summary of the instructor. 4 laps on the International circuit (4.2 km).
  • FINAL LAP OF THE ISTRUCTOR: With the instructor driving, new possibilities are discovered: the car, glued to the asphalt, reaches high cornering speeds that previously seemed impossible. This approach offers a correct evaluation of the car limits and the prospect of a future technical learning and growth behind the wheel.
    • A total of 11 laps on the international circuit (4,2 km).
Corsi di Guida Sicura Misano
  • Location:  Misano World Circuit (RN).4,2 KM International Racetrack.

  • Duration: 4 hours. From 14.00 to 18.00. Meeting for lunch at 13.00.

  • Group: 6 pupils. The number of students can increase while maintaining the student-cars-instructor ratio.

  • Cars: 2 BMW cars between 118d, M240i, 420d, all equipped with Full HD VideoTelemetry with data acquisition from GPS and OBD and recording on the pupil’s SD card.

  • Instructors: 2 professional instructors always alongside the pupil.

  • For each pupil: SD Card, pass e personalized diploma.