Safety is above all prevention: this is why training that analyzes the main road accident situations and the most risky behaviors is fundamental after obtaining the license but is useful for everyone.

This is provided by the special multimedial theory based on over thirty years of experience in the sector and over 200 videos of driving errors of our students, heritage of our archive. However, safety behind the wheel is also based on the ability to react promptly in the face of emergency and this course teaches the basic techniques of safe driving by reproducing the main danger situations on the track and the unexpected that the road sometimes forces us to face

Thanks to the series of laps on the prestigious Imola racetrack, it also develops in the driver a precise assessment of the speed, the stopping distances related to the same and the difficulty of driving in all types of curves.

All our courses can be attended by people with physical disabilities thanks to the SpecialMente program
Corsi di Guida Sicura Misano
  • Location: Autodromo di Imola (BO). Paddock Rivazza e Pista internazionale per 1 ora e 30’

  • DURATA: 1 giorno. Teoria ore 09.30 – 12.00 – Pratica 13.00 – 18.00

  • Gruppo:   24 allievi massimo.

  • Auto: al pomeriggio 8 auto BMW  tutte attrezzate con VideoTelemetria HD con acquisizione dati da GPS e OBD e registrazione sulla SD card dell’allievo

  • Istruttori: 7 istruttori professionisti sempre a fianco dell’allievo.

  • Per ogni allievo: SD Card, pass e diploma personalizzati.