“Safety is a Mental balance.”

Safety is balance at the wheel, a mental balance made of behaviors, adapted to the real situations of traffic, and knowledge. To improve our safety we must have experiences that make us more aware of the dangers, expand the capacities of our senses and make significant experiences at the wheel that test our intellectual, sensory and emotional abilities. This is the philosophy behind all our courses.

SAFE Driving Courses – CAR

Safe driving is balance: a mental balance that favors behaviors designed to prevent dangers.

SPORT Driving Courses – CAR

Technique, concentration and rhythm: mastering speed becomes an exciting opportunity to increase one’s abilities.

SAFE Driving courses – MOTORBIKE

Driving a motorbike may seem instinctive: but only a technical guide can always provide the right control in every situation.

Driving Courses for COMPANIES

Increasing safety is an objective that is achieved through continuous and patient theoretical and practical training.


The driver is the first safety factor of every journey: when driving, he must do it with all his abilities and mental aptitudes.


Often the driver maintains speed and distance typical of a car, underestimating the specific characteristics of the vehicle, weight and high center of gravity.


The first educational facility in the safe driving sector that prepares its students using a unique training method, designed by Siegfried Stohr F1 driver and psychologist.

The consolidated experience: over 255,000 people assisted in driving in 36 years of activity.

Official BMW and DAF school and MWC partners.

The extensive training offer: over 220 modules for exclusive courses.

The technology: car activities are videotaped and reviewed with the instructor thanks to the exclusive VideoTelemetria® technology; the only safe driving school in Europe that uses the EyeTracking System , a software that tracks the driver’s eye movements, allowing him to study and correct his behavior.

Customer Benefits : -40.5%% (on a sample of 1,264 students) of accidents in the first year after the course; 11.94% improvement in consumption with an Industrial Vehicles course.

Signatory with the Minister of Transport of the 1st protocol for testing advanced safe driving courses.

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