GuidarePilotare: vehicles.

The Car: BMW with front and rear-wheel drive.
All work takes place behind the wheel of the latest BMW models specifically adapted: BMW i3, BMW Serie 1 118d, BMW Serie 1 114d, BMW Serie 2 Active Tourer 218d, BMW Serie 2 Active Tourer 225xe, BMW Serie 3 Touring 318d, BMW Serie 4 Coupé 420d, BMW M240i Coupé, BMW M2 Coupé, BMW M4 Coupé.
Thanks to the cooperation of GuidarePilotare with BMW Italia for the "SpecialMente" project, our safe and sport driving car classes are now accessible to disabled people with 2 BMW cars with electronic control devices: BMW Serie 1 118d and BMW M240i Coupé, all equipped with automatic gearbox, Bluetooth wireless satellite accelerator, quick-release electronic accelerator (as a back-up for specific applications) and brake lever.
The GuidarePilotare offers a constantly updated vehicle fleet and technically complete to allow students to check all driving concepts to be applied at the wheel of each type of car.
The cars are equipped with the most advanced electronic driving aids all disconnected from the driver for educational reasons. This will allow the student to verify the real effectiveness of electronic driving aids. They also include manual and automatic transmissions, sports suspension, variable sport steering, brakes M Performance, to test the maximum of the art and enhance driving pleasure. They are equipped with the latest models of Dunlop tires, all inflated with "Secur Pneus" for safety and consistency of performance and include at least 6 air bags of the standard specification for total protection.

Industrial vehicles.
The safe driving courses for industrial vehicles at Misano safe driving Center are held with DAF XF and CF vehicles, equipped with semi-trailer or possibly hooking a tank equipped with a wheel that prevents tipping. The vehicles are the latest DAF models Euro6 and include all the most advanced DAF driving aids.

The commercial vehicles.
The GuidarePilotare has for passenger transport vans and light trucks with which they are carried out by Safe Driving courses.