GuidarePilotare: technology.

To emphasize and to better support this process, the teaching methodology of GuidarePilotare is based on a unique technologies such as VideoTelemetria®. Video is our measuring instrument, accurate and revealing: we can analyze every moment of driving, view in slow motion every emergency operation, review several times each distance, each corner. Along with images of the two cameras, the data collected by the on board diagnostics system monitors all the driving: it measures with absolute precision every move and records it on the SD card of each student.

Nothing will be left to instinct. Becouse to have control of the car, you need to have total control of every movement at the wheel.

Moreover, thanks to BMW APPS, in some courses we can also view the details of the car's telemetry, compare them with your instructor of data, download them to your Iphone.

You can see all our "Archive Experiences" and our multimedia consulting registration through VideoTelemetria®; 12 tracks, 14 exercises, 140 driving errors, 2 hours of video, 500 photographs, 200 slides and technical drawings, 20 animations dimensional computer graphics, 50 graphic tables and 200 images of bilingual hypertext theory.