GuidarePilotare: psychology.

"Safety is mental balance".

Safety at the wheel is a mental balance made of appropriate behaviors to real traffic situations and knowledge. To improve our security we have to do experiences that make us more aware of the dangers, expand the capabilities of our senses and have meaningful experiences at the wheel that test our intellectual, sensory and emotional capacity. Expand our awareness of the risks present on the road. This also serves to change those beliefs that consider "easy" the driving. In fact, if we learn to react to the unexpected, we must above all learn to prevent it. This objective is achieved only through practical experience that allows to assess hazards at all speeds and in different grip conditions; to raise awareness that driving is always a complex task that requires our full attention. In fact we drive each vehicle with our senses, with our thought and, in emergencies, even with our emotional reactions. These emotional assets are part of our individuality, but can become an element of danger at the wheel, especially in stressful situations where the reactions are based on instinct. Then the best way to control our emotions will be offer him the opportunity to manifest to know our reactions under stress. This is the ultimate goal of our courses where you have to confront with difficult driving situations but also with your reactions at the wheel.


"The mind is the real engine of each vehicle".

You will learn to better understand your vehicle and the most correct driving techniques, but first of all you'll learn to expand the capabilities of your mind in every step of the guide. In this way we actually promotes security, a capacity that our course is developed through a real experience of speed and danger.

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