GuidarePilotare: The Company.

GuidarePilotare born as a safe driving school in 1982, first in Italy. From 1999 he begins to deliver also courses for motorcycles and, since 2005, for industrial and commercial vehicles. Since 2009 he becomes official school of DAF and from 2014 manages the official BMW Driving Experience.
The scope of educational intervention of GuidarePilotare is to understand and develop the knowledge of all the elements that contribute to security: the man, the vehicle and the surrounding environment. GuidarePilotare is certified ISO9001: 2015 by the certification CSQ.
Its quality policy leads to a continuous monitoring of educational processes and their evolution also in relation to the continuous technological innovations of the vehicles. This has led in the past, to also obtain accreditation as an entity trainer recognized by the Emilia Romagna Region.
GuidarePilotare includes the largest number of private customers in Italy. There are also prestigious customers institutions like the Quirinale, the Ministry of Interior, Carabinieri, Traffic Police, Municipal Police of the different cityes as well as prestigious Italian and foreign companies. Since 1982, GuidarePilotare assisted driving over 270,000 students! A strong contribution to the security of drivers and other road users. We operated in safety also in France, Spain, Albania, Romania and India.
From a survey carried out in 2007-2012 on a sample of more than 1.122 students, it emerges a strong contribution to the reduction of accidents: - 36%.

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Formula One driver, with a degree in Psychology and psychologist of the health and social services, Siegfried Stohr is the founder of the first school of safe driving in Italy and his method. After a quick career started in karts at the age of fourteen, who took him in just five years to win two Italian championships in car and reach Formula One, Siegfried founded in 1982 the first driving school in Italy.
He is a pioneer in this sector and its psychological knowledge help him in a short time to develop an original method that does not just teach driving techniques, but aims to develop and enhance individual skills, not just those at the wheel, but the mental capabilities and self-control that makes in a short period, of GuidarePilotare, a true school of thought.
Here, the student learns about the car's behavior, but above all get to know their reactions in extreme and emergency situations: to make better use of his senses and expand its capabilities and mind control behind the wheel. To complement these capabilities with a careful awareness of the risks melting the major driving knowledge with the attitude of defensive driving.

Video GuidarePilotare Philosophy Mood.